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    Acreage tractors

    Anyone have any experince with acreage tractors? A good friend of mine is down sizing and is selling a nearly new Kiotti acreage tractor. I have a ride on mower, but the appeal of the disel 5 foot mower, bucket and abliity to add impliments appeals to me
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    Fuck buying local (most local)

    I do live in a tiny town 3 hours from any large retail place.. But the town has enough ppl to warrant a fair amount of stores. There's only a few stores in town who don't gouge like a mf'er and everyone knows it. I've recently sworn off 2 local parts stores for good.. I will only go in their...
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    Anxiety and CBD..

    Wasn't sure to post this here or the mental health sub forum.. This sub formum seems to get more traffic though lol.. My wife has anxiety. She was diagnosed with fairly severe anxiety and put on anti anxeity meds. She did a lot to help herself and was able to get off the meds. She takes other...
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    Shot in the dark here

    I'm asking in the competitiors corner b/c I think it's something to do with my sodium/potassium/magnesium levels.. I get constant muscle knots. Usually in my forearms/biceps. They are awful to the point that I can't use my hands sometimes. Last night I used a sledge hammer to pound in 4...
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    Too funny.....

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    hear me out...

    Going to discuss our economy for a minute... There is something called "wealth redistrihution".. Its a technique governments use to move monies from one group of people to another.. In general its used to move welath from upper class to lower class. It happens all the time through taxes...
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    I went against my own rule...

    I generally do all my own reno's and fixes.. I think I only hired someone to replace furnace/hotwater tank, install air conditioner and do siding (insurance job).. I hired a local legit contractor to reno my bathroom... one man operation do it all type guy.. Never again.. -It's been 6...
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    Our ancestors would be absolutely ashamed of us.

    The hard working men and women who fought to make this country what it is (or was) would be so ashamed of us.. Those ppl had no problems telling the government "NO!" or fighting their own government when something unjust was happening. What do we do? Nothing.. absolutely nothing.. Here we...
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    What in the hell is our country turning into..

    Went to hardware store. 6-2x4's 1 hickey axe handle 1 package of 20 ft rope (for my son to play with) 1 tiny little 4$ stuff animal key chian for my daughter 2 small bottles of fuel stabilizer. 16 1/4 inch by 5 inch hex head screws 157$... Went to get fuel after and the guy next to me yells...
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    Truth is, I did abs when I was like 16 or 17.. that's it aside from the odd ab work out once every 4 years lol... I think my abs are muscular and strong from heavy lifting, but I am going to add regular ab workout since I can now see my abs again lol.. with getting all fancy, whats the best...
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    Interesting video..

    Guy just says what I want to say, but can't.. The fact that I can't say what I want to say is scary..
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    Anyone take? Anyone speak to its effectiveness or ineffectiveness? Lots of articles say it has positive impacts on: -blood sugar -insulin resistence -good/bad cholesterol -testosteorne -inflamation
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    odd freezing pipe

    I've owned this house for 9 years now. First 6 year I never had an issue with pipes. Then I had a HE furncace installed. And I started putting a plug in space heater in the basement just to keep the chance of mold lower in the basement. We don't use the basement beside storage. Last 2 years...
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    What would you do?

    What would you do if you bought your birth parents (still married) each a DNA ancestry kit for Christmas, but neither has actually spit in the tube and mailed it in?
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    For the parents..

    ME and my team did a quick survey.. We got around 75 kids in our grade.. Of those 75, about 29 are failing this year. failing as in less than 50% across the academic subjects.. Of those 29 failing kids.. we know without a doubt ALL 29 have a iphone with data plan they do not pay for and...
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    Friggin KFC

    Had to make a LONG drive after work today. 7 hour round trip... Left work without even eating dinner. Last meal was 2:30pm and haven't had a cheat meal in a long time. so figged McDonalds time So Around 9pm, I saw the golden arches.. pulled in and the restaurant was completely shut down due...
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    Trudeau leaving country over Christmas

    IS their concrete proof yet that this fuck left Canada over the holidays?? I KNEW that piece of shit has been laying low after watching many politicians getting cuaght leaving Canada for vacations and he knew he'd better hide his face until "we" have moved on from demanding the polticians who...
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    Anyone here try rabbit/hare?

    Just curious if anyone's tried it here. I've eaten snowshoe hare every winter for quite a few years. Tried strews, slow cooked over a fire, KFC coating and deep fried etc.. without a doubt the snowshoe hare stew recipe I use is very very good. I had to try a few recipes and tweek them...
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    Need electrical help

    Bought a cheap chinese welder for small jobs around the house.. I don't expect much out of it, but it will serve its purpose. My issue is the male end of the welder is different than my 220 outlet. I have a 220 extension peice with the correct male end. I would like to chop off the incorrect...
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    question about buying/building a second home

    We have plans to build a house in the next 2-3 years. Right now, I'm debating paying down our current mortgage OR putting any extra money into the down payment of a our build. Is there any advatnage to doing one over the other? With our current economy and possible inflation in the future...