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    Fertility on TRT or Super Long Cycles

    if someone is not looking to have a kid and blasting, they usually will have a easier time knocking the girl up. If youve been on for long time and its time to start a family then you will probably be in for frustration. This seems to be the trait i keep seeing. The wife and i were having a hell...
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    steroids cycle vs covid

    I havent changed anything except lowering the doses and taking out some compounds. That was not for covid just age and that little voice in my head. I have however been setting up a home gym since the first lockdown and its pretty good now. Just put together a leg press sled i got for tredmill...
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    Opinion on gda supplements?

    i use berberine with heavy carb meals and before bed on those nights. Thats usually 3 days a week. For me, i only take it to keep the bloat down and it works fairly well
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    NPP/Deca Experience

    proviron at a good dose goes well with it as well. I also use prami cause i can stand the sides and its cheaper
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    I always found tbol to be lack luster. Some people say its like dbol without the water but my experience is its not even close. I have tried many labs tbol btw
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    Take a number

    Im pretty chill most of the time but when shit like this happens, i cant help thinking about murder.
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    Take a number

    Think its a good idea. Also fucks those assholes that like to jump in front of people I started a fight in a buffet once cause some fat fuck butt in front of me. That shit burns my soul
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    High dose primo worth the $ vs alternatives like EQ/deca?

    I ran a gram/week and it was decent. 350 tren ace is still better tho lol
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    Dead Lifts Risk VS Reward

    rack pulls or put a 45 under the plates to raise the bar a couple of inches. I also like the trap bar
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    Guys who run 1g+ of test...whats your AI dosage?

    I love drops but not something i would take before every workout. 2-3 days a week was all i could do without getting massive headaches
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    BP machine amazon $11.70

    code didnt work for me
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    Guys who run 1g+ of test...whats your AI dosage?

    for me at that dose i would be fine at .5 adex twice a week. Im not gyno prone so i dont mind estrogen a little high as long as the dick still works. Obviously would not run anything with it that aromatizes
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    Let’s debate

    low volume shots, i will pin anywhere basically but higher volume is delts, glutes and vent glutes. When cruising on low test i use slin pins in smaller muscles to give the bigger places and nice long break from pinning
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    Wish Beothuk well.

    Hoping its not serious man. All the best big man
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    walmart- Power Cage and 12 Position Weight Bench $380

    I think those racks are fine for home use. I have 1 comparable and its great. Might want to upgrade the jhooks and you will need to bolt it to the floor cause it will move.