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    Does anyone remember CarlC from the good ol Days? Northern Ontario

    Absolutely remember big Carl from the old boards. That is so sad to hear. He definitely was a good dude and helped answer a lot of my questions back in the day. RIP Carl. My condolences to his family.
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    Oldguyjiujitsu and Sorbate's Road to 50!

    Looking forward to following along. I hit the 50 mark in October. This will inspire this old lazy fat bastard to do something LOL
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    Red Zone Gym BS

    and most likely will stay closed past this last 28 day lockdown here in the GTA. I lost one of my gym locations already. I don't know if I'll be able to maintain the other for much longer.
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    IGF1 DES // IGF1-LR3

    GIMPS is a tried and true industry standard :LOL:
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    IGF1 DES // IGF1-LR3

    Can't speak to the research but based on hundreds of $$ spent on most types of peptides out there from all sorts of suppliers I can't justify the cost vs good old gear. Now, I am in no way shape or form an elite level BB where minute changes in physique can be detected or is even desired. I just...
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    how fitting, cause in either case you can't eat just one
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    Red Zone Gym BS

    Worked out at a Fit4Less this morning. First of all good luck trying to book a workout time. It was bad enough when they were allowed 50 people, but now with 10 people it's fucked. You can only book the next two days in advance - because there are limited spots you have to wait until midnight to...
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    First supplent you ever bought/tried ?

    Other than some horrible protein powder my first supplement was Smilax. I was told it was like a steroid and would boost my testosterone. I was about 17 when I bought it in some sketchy store on Yonge St (Toronto) - I thought I was buying some black market drugs LOL
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    Hmm... I got lost.

    With those boobs the only camera angle that doesn't capture them is the one that pointed out the door of the gym. :D
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    Hmm... I got lost.

    Crossfit gets a lot of flack for some the weird exercise variations they do, but you can't deny how extremely fit the top athletes are. I also give them credit for getting a lot of people off the couch and under the bar. Many of the female athletes, like miss Titty McGee here, have a nice blend...
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    Anyone Vegetarian or vegan?

    Vegan here - mainly because dairy is a no no for me and meat just doesn't sit well with my digestion. I won't say it's heathier since you can go vegan and still eat junk - look at all the food choices out there that are trying to mimic meat/dairy, all processed. I stick to cooking most of my...
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    Keyra Augustina

    Yup, totally remember her from back around 2004. I think she was label the greatest ass on the internet by Stilesproject. Tonight I will fire one off in loving memory of her ass.
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    Raised by the wolves.

    I'm still having a WTF moment with the end of the season. I looked around my desk and see no evidence of drug use, so I can't blame that for what I witnessed.
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    PG Anabolics Reviews

    I have the same packet as you posted. Ordered mine maybe 2-3 weeks ago. I took 1 tab yesterday morning and felt it pretty quick - actually got a little twitchy trying to do work on the computer. It's been many many years since I last tried clen, so I don't have the tolerance for it like back in...
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    Share your membership with friends or family and half the price of working out - Fit4less

    Some are hit and miss. My location's upkeep is pretty decent. Pre-covid 5pm-11pm it gets pretty crowded - you have a better shot at a decent workout with machines VS free weights at those times. With the new appt system the busy factor is pretty much gone. I have the luxury of being able to...