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    Ontario lockdown

    @Twoskinny, I apologize for my comments and directing my frustration towards you. There is/was no need to cloud this thread with my experiences. As you were good peeps.
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    Ontario lockdown

    Call me a fucking sheep then! Until you've lost a family member from COVID and/or have one in the ICU about to become a number, please mind your words. I hate this bullshit. I lost a high-paying job/career because of it and after, started a business that was trending upward - all has been...
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    god damn TREN

    MGF + GHRP6 have me sleeping front of my fridge.
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    old school computer games

    We must be similar ages hahaha
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    old school computer games

    You beat me to it Sir!
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    god damn TREN

    It seems that you have some underlying health issues that need to be addressed. Tren is a harsh compound, I would personally stop and take the necessary tests and precautions to ensure you know what you're dealing with before jumping back on anything (crohn's, metabolic disorder, colitis...
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    Price per lb?

    Getting cost-effective plates that aren't manufactured in China is no easy task. Everything coming from the states regardless of the current situation has always been expensive...Eleiko expensive...
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    Price per lb?

    Last skid was around 3.50+ per pound when factoring in freight. They were competition bumper plates though. I'm pulling the trigger on some iron soon. Looks like it won't be much cheaper.
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    Where is everyone getting their peptides these day?

    For the run-of-the-mill stuff, CMS has been a mainstay for me. Remember that most, if not all peptide companies are getting their product from abroad. I stay away from those who make the claim that they are compounding the product in Canada as I find that very hard to believe as the price would...
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    Mr olympia 2020 predictions

    His lat development vs last year was out of this world. He looked great! I also prefer classic physique as well.
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    1” x 25G vs 5/8” x 25G... will they both work?

    Yes. I've used 5/8 in pecs, delts, gluten and thighs. I even go as low as using a 27g needle. When you pin a lot, it really makes a difference using smaller gage pins. I find there to be less scar tissue in my spot rotation as a whole.
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    One of the first boards I joined. I remember learning how to convert fina pellets there haha.
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    First cycle Test E + mk

    @silant76 , best of luck on this journey! Apart from the great info @gondar1 , @granpa1959 , and the others posted, I suggest keeping a log book. Above and beyond nutrition and training regimen, I always document my sleep, general mood, how I feel like I'm responding to training and nutrition...
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    Olympia Stream

    Lol, I doubt it. It's generally the first thing streaming software is looking for. Would be nice though.
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    2021 second Canadian Brawn Virtual Wet Tshirt Contest

    Time to stop taking my ralox and ai - let it all hang out.