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    I want to say thank you everyone as we enter our 5th year

    Thank you bull, you have done well
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    CB NFL Fantasy Football 2022

    I am still in, I think the problem is that it keeps everyone in the pool from last year, so nobody new can join
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    Needle Exchange - And a Thank you!

    Are you heating up the oil? Makes a big difference. I just run the vial under the tap.
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    First Cycle Lets Go!!

    Woah... slow down brother, save that. I did 350-400 test my first cycle and it was my best one. No need for anything else yet.
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    First Cycle Lets Go!!

    No need to ramp up with test e. The ester does that anyways
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    What is your favourite, but maybe not the healthiest choice meal

    Theres nothing unhealthy about that. Thats a normal
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    Social media and “fitness”

    The funny part is kids dont use Facebook anymore. My daughter and friends told me Facebook is for old
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    Intra-workout carbs?

    Karbolyn is old school it always bloated me no matter what I tried. 20g and a gallon of water was ok. But hbcd blows it out of the water
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    What is your favourite, but maybe not the healthiest choice meal

    Have you tried beer cheese? Its very similar but much better. More salt. Even have a smoked version.
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    Spirituality, faith, belief...are these things of the past or do people still have beliefs these days?

    The more I read and look into it, Im actually starting to believe in aliens. Im not joking. Theres just too much information that makes sense from all different parts of the world that would of had no contact with each other. I believe most religions might even be based of some sort of extra...
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    Dark yellow/orange thick sticky shit on my vial cap and on the inside of the glass.

    That does not look like crashed gear. No way in hell I would jab that. Toss it in the trash and move on.
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    Intra-workout carbs?

    Hbcd is the only carbs even worth talking about. 2hrs is ridiculous
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    Gratitude game

    Must be a gay
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    Gratitude game