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    Prostate health

    Google BPH and OAB. They are similar in symptoms. If you are running a fever, even a low-grade one Google Prostatitis.
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    Count. To a million.

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    The best way to avoid an argument. Tongue fu.

    Tim Tackett.
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    Bpc 157 for organ protection? Specifically the liver.

    Nasty route of delivery- "given (i) intraperitoneally or (ii) intragastrically".
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    How do you guys chill out on high doses ?

    This is the result of my lazy Sunday search. I don't feel like writing out various methods.
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    Question about sources

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    FDA Inaction on Hair Loss Drug's Suicide, Depression, Erectile Dysfunction Risk Sparks Lawsuit
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    Get well soon Wolfinator

    Get well @Wolfinator .
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    Count. To a million.

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    Dialysis and working out

    Coles Notes version. If he is able to do peritoneal dialysis (port in the stomach using the peritoneal space for exchange done at home) he will have a wee bit better chance of being able to workout to varying degrees. Weight training may be iffy due to fluid in the peritoneal cavity putting...
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    Word Association........

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    Word Association........