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    Welcome, Stuartcrew73

    Welcome sir
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    HGH - Hands going numb and pain in my arms while sleeping

    Better than that I have had it delivered to my door!
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    HGH - Hands going numb and pain in my arms while sleeping

    Honestly there should be no issue jumping right to 8 to 10 ius I can almost guarantee with pharma this wouldn’t be happening. Optis test well but sides for some reason are very pronounced for many it seems. I do get some numbness from TPs products and peptides as well Pharma I get almost...
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    I'm back

    Welcome sir
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    HGH headache/nausea/migraine like?

    What brand of GH is causing you these problems
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    Whey protein

    Real food I don’t bother with that garbage
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    Source for bp meds?

    That isn’t crazy high You can probably straighten that out with natural sups and more cardio but it never hurts to go see a dr
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    Source for bp meds?

    How high is your BP?
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    Please join with me to congratulate our newest mod Goldenrod

    Really great addition to the board. Wealth of knowledge and extremely helpful. He is about as good as it gets. Welcome GR!
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    Welcome back @rigpig

    It’s been a minute. Welcome!
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    Which steroids raise blood pressure the least as an addon to trt?

    @kryogen are you on BP pills? What is your BP?
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    Jintropin/Opti's and other Generics

    Of course you cannot compare them dollar to dollar. That wasn’t my point. My point was about the ride and the results. I am not sure why everyone says it’s a long term game. Of course a month isn’t enough, but 3-4 is. Just like a cycle of AAS. Ive ran a lot of generics and some do help. I...
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    Jintropin/Opti's and other Generics

    I personally think your comparison on of 500 iu of genetics vs 100 iu of pharma is flawed. GH is Pharma vs Generic isn’t something you can really do a cost comparison on since they are so different. You want to drive from Vancouver to Halifax. You have a choice in cars 1 is an old beater lada...
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    Jintropin/Opti's and other Generics

    You are totally wrong. You seriously don’t know what you are talking about.